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Description :

The standard rack-mounted VS1310TX series 1310nm optical transmitters are designed for HFC and fiber to the home (FTTH)

network application at present and in the future. These AM modulated transmitters have a wide bandwidth from 45 to 870MHz

and can be used for both analog and digital signals transmission. The VS1310TX series transmitters employ high

performance 1310nm MQW DFB lasers with integrated optical isolator. These lasers operate at a wide range of optical output

power (from 2 to 20mW), providing system designers a flexible loss budgets.

The VS1310TX series feature on integrated advanced pre-distortion circuit which achieves superior CSO and CTB

performance. The embedded MCU circuit monitors and controls full status parameters and remote communication. All

parameters can be accessed through front panel LCD or USB interface located on the rear panel of the transmitter. A SNMPoriented

RJ45 Ethernet port is also provided for remote status monitoring.

■ High performance cooled DFB laser with

integrated optical isolator

■ 19 standard 1U rack design

■ Bandwidth 45~870MHz

■ 2/4/6/8/10/13/16/20 mW optical output power

■ Automatic/manual gain control (AGC/MGC)

■ RF input test point

■ LCD display/control functions

■ LED status indicator lights

■ Local USB control port

■ Remote SNMP-oriented RJ45 Ethernet port for

status monitoring


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