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Digital Headend IP Solution. .

Channel Master provides an innovative, flexible and cost effective digital headend solution for cable systems. We can carry out design, integration with CAS and STB and installation of the complete headend

The platform includes head-end equipments system (EMR, SMR, IPQAM etc.), CAS, SMS, EPG, network management system (NMS) etc, software and hardware platform of the whole project is designed and established by Channel Master independently. With 3G DTV technology, the whole system can supply over 200 digital programs processing in one rack.

In the head-end, Channel Master adopted the 3G DTV equipments EMR which can realize the functions as that of IRDs, network adapters and encoder can do to process the program source to the ASI or IP streams. The output IP stream from the Gigabit IP & main control card of EMR will be transferred into SMR, whose main functions include statistics-multiplexing and scrambling. The scrambling function can be implemented by IP scrambling card which is used with Gigabit IP & main control card and Gigabit IP card does not take up any slot of SMR. After the operation by SMR, the next station is IPQAM which is used to finish the QAM function of IP stream by inserting correlative number of QAM cards. Here, each QAM card can receive 8 frequencies streams and implement the QAM function.


At last the RF signals are transmitted to HFC for download, and terminal users can watch TV by STB.
Also we can arrange one or more backup equipments for each running device (EMR, SMR and IPQAM) to implement the backup function.


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